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Skylar Rogers was born and raised in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. She learned at an early age that music brought people together. She grew up listening to whatever music her mother (a singer herself) was listening or singing to. “Lucky for me, my mom has quite the eclectic music taste.Whatever she was in the mood to hear, be it funk, soul, country, Christian or rock, if she felt like hearing it, she either had an album for it or knew what radio station to find it on.” This upbringing laid the groundwork and gave her the drive and passion to explore a career in music. She also credits her high school band director, Camuel L. Cross, for giving her the courage to pursue a path in music.

“I have my best memories of music from my high school years in marching band, as both a percussionist and drum major. Mr. Cross (whom we affectionately called ‘Cross’) and I were sitting in a jail cell (long story), and I was so angry and in tears. He looked me straight in the eyes and asked, ‘Did you do anything wrong?’ [I hadn’t] Then why are you crying? Never apologize for doing the right thing. Never let them see you cry. We’ll be out of here soon, but they’re stuck here. They’re the miserable ones.’ I learned so many lessons that day. Mr. Cross went on to become one of my closest mentors after high school. Sadly, he never got to see my dreams come true, but I still see him in my dreams, smiling with approval.”

Music and faith were primary sources of strength and inspiration for Skylar through not only the bad times (abusive relationships, the stillbirth of her child, and a brief period of homelessness following a divorce), but the best of times (meeting, dating and marrying her second husband, who gifted her with two wonderful stepchildren, a crazy cat and a very special Belgian Malinois.) “I have learned that during these times, there was a song for every emotion.”

“Music survives the worst, and celebrates the best.”

Skylar’s rock and soul blues sound can be attributed to the music she listened to when going through the tough times. She refers to the musicians she listened to as her ‘therapists.’ “Tina [Turner] got me through my divorce, Billy [Joel] kept me jamming on the many hours I spent on the night shift, and [Eric] Clapton, Stevie Ray [Vaughan] and [Joe] Bonamassa had an answer for anything!” She credits listening to these and others such as AC/DC and multiple Motown artists with influencing her and molding her into the strong, passionate, and energetic singer she is today.

Skylar has enjoyed singing in various venues in the St Louis area with artists such as her mentor, Ms. Zeno “The Mojo Queen,” Roland Johnson, Teec’a Easby and Kim Massie. She successfully launched her debut release, “Insecurities” in 2018, and with her band, The Blue Diamonds, brings a sound that has been often described as a “cross between Tina [Turner] and Etta [James].”

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