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Exposure leads to opportunity. But maybe you’ve sent your CD’s out for reviews, airplay and publicity, with no results. That’s where STLBlues can help. With a known 30 year industry brand, a ‘Keeping the Blues Alive’ award,  and countless industry relationships, the STLBlues brand adds leverage to all your publicity efforts.


Being from St. Louis, with outstanding community radio and a world class live music scene, we know the power & strength of community.

Whether it's a community radio station like KDHX and KWMU, or B.B. King's Bluesville on SiriusXM, Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine, ezines like Blues Blast, or internet radio like Blues Radio International.....it's a community. Globally. And we want to take you there.


We've built the relationships, established the industry contacts, and provide you all the shipping labels and Roots Music Reports labels!

All you do is ship your CD and info!


Because we want to help artists rebound from this Pandemic, and this is just one way we can help.


We'll help you reach 100 media outlets. At no charge.
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  • Want to reach 100 CD radio stations, major music publications, websites and ezines?
  • We'll email you the shipping labels and Roots Music Report labels as PDF files, for free!
  • You ship your CD's and info to all the provided media outlets you want to!
  • Then you can track your music at Roots Music Reports, as it climbs the charts!
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We've done our homework

We’ve vetted 100 of the best community radio, internet and print resources, developing the contacts and making sure they accept CD’s for airplay and reviews.

We’ll email you PDF files of mailing labels to these community radio, internet and print resources, along with ‘Submit to Roots Music Reports’ labels, so the DJ’s list your airplay, which helps rank your music on the charts at Roots Music Reports. You just print them out, stuff your promo packs, and mail them off!
*We don’t do that 🙂

If you have a marketing budget and want a full featured/managed promotional radio program, look no further than Todd Glazer promotions at ToddGlazer.com.

It takes time!

Don’t necessarily expect the phone to start ringing once your music arrives for the first time at the radio station, magazine or online publication.

That’s OK, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. That’s part of the game, and next time, it will be easier. Take the long-term view with your PR campaign, stay the course, and you’ll get those results!


Bex Marshall
Bex MarshallSinger, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
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"STLBLUES exposed me to a huge amount true blues fans while on my U.S. tours.....it's among the most important institutions of blues in the heart of America!"
Joanne Fish
Joanne FishProducer, film director
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"Dave Beardsley and STLBlues have provided invaluable tools for me to produce and publicize my documentary, “Mr. Handy’s Blues”. From getting the word out about the film, to setting up the website and promoting the DVD, Dave has been there for me. STLBlues is definitely on the frontlines of what’s “news” in the Blues world. He has the know-how and savvy to navigate the deep waters of distribution, spreading the news about the Blues world in a format unlike any other. I regard him as a mentor when it comes to ‘spreading the blues’ to a wide audience."
Adrianna Marie
Adrianna MarieBand leader, bassist and vocalist at Adrianna Marie and Her Groovecutters
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“As a touring musician, I have found it so helpful to find tour support and help promoting shows from local organizers like STLBlues.net. In the 21st century, let’s face it, the way blues lovers find live music in their area is on the internet and through social media.” The music culture in St Louis is rich and deep and thankfully there are people who are working to enrich, share, nurture and grow the musical arts now and into the future.”
Jeff Chapman
Jeff ChapmanMusician, artist
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"I have been with STLBlues.net since its inception. It is a comprehensive tool that is a great resource for working musicians such as myself. I am able to direct anyone looking for our shows directly to that. A few years ago, I had to go without my own website and I depended on STLBlues.net to fill the void. Dave Beardsley himself has been nothing short of outstanding and professional, answering questions, suggesting changes and updates to my own personal pages, etc. It's always been a great experience. I look forward to continuing my relationship with STLBlues.net, STLBluesTALENT.net. and Dave Beardsley!"
John McVey
John McVeyMusician
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"STLBlues.net and STLBluesTALENT.net are invaluable resources for connecting the community to St. Louis Blues artists! The STLBlues.net live music calendar is an indispensable asset for both local and touring Blues artists, reaches thousands of daily music seeking visitors, and the best thing is it's free to post ALL your STL shows!!!"
The Alley Tones
The Alley TonesBlues band
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"Dave Beardsley and STLBlues.net have been of great value to our band 'The Alley Tones' by offering advice on social media, our website, and the STLBlues live music calendar. This is an invaluable resource for many musicians and is done professionally and with high standards. This a must have for blues musicians."
Bruce Olson
Bruce OlsonAuthor of "That St. Louis Thing, An American Story of Roots, Rhythm and Race"
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"When I moved to St. Louis nine years ago, one of the big reasons was music. So much music. I quickly discovered StLBlues.net as the prime source for bands and calendar listings. It is comprehensive and accurate, easy to navigate and a great way to plan a night, a week or a month in the clubs. Later, as I was writing my two-volume history of the city and its music, I found the site a great resource for information about local bands and their current CDs as well as numerous interviews with musicians both veteran and new. For any music fan it's the first place to look for all things St. Louis blues."
Alastair Greene
Alastair GreeneGuitarist/Vocalist Alastair Greene Band
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"The STLBlues Calendar and website is a great resource to see what's happenin' in STL. It was cool of them to mention my appearances in STL when I was on tour with Alan Parsons a couple years ago, I'm looking forward to working with them when I bring my blues rock band through next time around!"
Robert Jr Whitall
Robert Jr WhitallPublisher/Editor-In-Chief :: Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine
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"What a calendar! What a listing of St Louis musicians and musical events! As Sugar and I and the staff at Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine have found out after putting together a "St Louis" issue, Dave Beardsley is bringing it! The National Blues Museum is a great accomplishment but Mr. Beardsley has guided STLBLUES for a much longer period of time. Introducing fans, events, club owners, and talent is the trick and Dave's and STLBLUES hands-on attention to detail make this well-oiled machine purr! The "toolshed" is open! Go to STLBluestalent.net & STLBlues.net, and lets get to work!"
Mark Audi
Mark AudiHost at Friday Blues Show, Co-Host at The Real Deal Hi-Fi Blues Show
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"I never travel to St. Louis before consulting STLBlues.net. The calendar on the website is my roadmap to all things Blues. Dave Beardsley and his relationship with musicians and venues makes STLBlues.net irreplaceable when planning a night or two out on the town!"
Chris Ruest
Chris RuestGuitar/Vocals at The Chris Ruest Band
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"The STLBlues advertising, live music calendar and publicity tools have helped many blues fans connect with the shows I'm playing in the St. Louis area! I'm very thankful for the help bringing the people to the artists and venues! Dave has been a great help in the past with the blues society as well... lets keep it up!!"
Joe Metzka
Joe MetzkaSt. Louis blues-based blues musician
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"Dave Beardsley is a genuine aficionado of this kind of music. He and StL Blues have worked tirelessly to support and promote the musicians like us. We are able to support our recordings and continue to stay busy performing as a direct result of Dave’s devotion. Thanks, Dave!"
Vince Martin
Vince MartinWorld-traveled Vocalist/Guitarist and Entertainer
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"Anyone that knows Dave Beardsley knows that he was the driving force and co-founder of the National Blues Museum in St Louis, and without his vision, perseverance and dedication it may well never have been built! He is also the founder of STLBlues.net and the live music calendar and before I forget, he also produces the popular "Blues in the Schools" program that educates kids and adults alike about the roots of the Blues, and all that came from it. As Muddy Waters said, "the Blues had a baby and they called it Rock n Roll". Everyone, young and old, love this program!"

Thanks Dave for all you've done, and proud to call you friend!!
Paul Niehaus IV
Paul Niehaus IVMusician, Producer, Engineer at Blue Lotus
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"Working with Dave Beardsley has been electrifying for Blue Lotus. His passion and energy in our current promotional campaigns has been stellar. He's a stand-up dude who cares about the artists and musicians a lot. His list of accomplishments in The Blues is most impressive. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future."
Markey Blue
Markey BlueThe Markey Blue Ric Latina Project
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"David Beardsley and STLBlues.net have made a huge impact on the Blues music scene in the St Louis area. Being a touring band, being able utilizing this kind of a tool is worth its weight in gold. We appreciate anyone taking that kind of time to let folks know where to find music. That's true dedication and love of the blues."
Skylar Rogers
Skylar RogersSouthern Illinois based blues and soul singer/songwriter
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"STLBlues.net is an invaluable resource for not only St Louis musicians, but anyone involved in the blues music genre The dedication and passion for music and the city are clearly present in Dave Beardsley, and one can't help but benefit from the knowledge and expertise that he brings to STLBlues.net!!!"


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