"Versatile and experienced multi-instrumentalist & creative record producer"

Paul Niehaus IV

By Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times

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Paul Niehaus IV is a versatile multi-instrumentalist from Saint Louis, Missouri. He has performed with numerous local and national artists all over the country. He is also the owner/operator of Blue Lotus Studio, an audiophile-oriented recording studio that focuses on natural and hi-fidelity recording.

Music is life…

born and raised in the river city of Saint Louis, Paul Niehaus IV has been a freelance musician since he graduated from Truman State University in 2009 with his BA in music and a folklore minor. He is proficient in guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums…and has additional experience on harmonica, mandolin, french horn, trumpet, and saxophone. he is known to be a versatile sideman and a talented and expressive multi-instrumentalist. he prides himself on being able to intuitively connect with whatever musicians he may be playing with no matter what the setting.

He loves traveling and touring and has played in over 45 us states, plus Mexico, Canada, and a 5-month stint on a cruise ship. His touring experience includes trips with artists such as John Nemeth, THE LUCKY LOSERS, Matt Hill, and Rockin’ Jake. Paul has served on the board of directors for the Saint Louis blues society since 2014, and has produced and recorded two celebrated compilation albums for the group, 15 in ’15 and 16 in ’16.

Paul founded the label Blue Lotus recordings in June of 2016 with the publication of Roland Johnson’s critically-acclaimed ‘imagine this’. he is the owner and operator of Blue Lotus Studio, an audiophile oriented recording studio in south city Saint Louis. He is a skilled recording and mixing engineer with a high critical awareness of sonic qualities, aka an ‘audiophile’. He knows basic audio mastering practices, with a great ear and wide awareness of various genres of music. he loves natural and hi-fidelity tones in the studio, and strives to cultivate an environment in which artists can get creative and be themselves.

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Musician / Producer Paul Niehaus