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“Killing the game! Love these guys!" - The Bronson House

Lefty & Laka

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Reviews on Lefty & Laka

“Killing the game! Love these guys! They put on a great show. Last time they played our venue, The Bronson House, people came in off the street because of how good they sound".
Noah Pg
Manager of The Bronson House
“Lefty & Laka put on a fantastic show. We have had them several times at our place, 314 The City Bar. They always draw a great crowd and entertain well. I love listening to Phil play and what can I say about Laka...Oh that voice!!!"
Desiree Knapp
Owner - 314 the City Bar
“This dynamic duo is nothing short of amazing. It seems they know exactly what to cover whenever I get to see them. Laka’s voice is beautiful and so is she. Lefty plays just for her. Can’t wait for the next show!"
Nicole Vincent

Bio of Lefty & Laka

Lefty and Laka is a duo comprised of Philip Patterson and Laka Huyette. They have been playing soulful tunes together since 2016.

Musical influences include Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Otis Redding, Bruno Mars, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. The acoustic duo currently plays in local venues in downtown, midtown, and St. Louis county.

Laka Huyette: Born and raised in Cape Girardeau, MO, Laka grew up singing in church as most soul singers do. During and after college, she took a break from music and then later started singing again in church. She then discovered that she wanted to branch out and starting singing with a guitarist in local lounge/restaurant. Subsequently, her and Lefty “aka Phil” started playing music together and found a common love of blues and soul music. When asked what her favorite songs are, Laka responds “music that makes you feel something.” Although drawn to soul and blues genres, she does enjoy singing modern popular music as well.

Local spends her day job working as dietitian at a local hospital and particularly enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.

Philip Patterson: “Lefty,” originally from Indiana, taught himself to play the guitar at the age of 15. He always had a love for music and grew an appreciation for artists ranging from Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, the Grateful Dead, and countless blues singers and players.

Phil plays with a full electric band as well, the Bedlam Brothers. When he’s not playing music, he teaches high school English, does photography, coaches tennis, and engages in a game of competitive racquetball.


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“This dynamic duo is nothing short of amazing"