Sisters Magnolia
& The Weeds

“music of the modern day with an historic “Americana” root of influence”

— Asher Benrubi/the Smash

Sisters Magnolia
& The Weeds

Band Bio's

Andrea Morse is a life-long musician who began formal instruction at the age of ten after being exposed to various instruments and styles of music at an early age. Morse studied drums, guitar and eventually violin throughout middle and high school, but it wasn’t until age 16 that out of necessity bass became her true love.

In her words: “Nobody [I knew at that time] thought bass was cool. So I de-tuned my guitar a couple steps and did what I could do until I spent 35 bucks on my first bass.”

Once Morse was able to focus on her chosen instrument, she then learned about the electronic side of music after first experimenting with a small mixing console. Using that very basic mixer as well as two cassette decks, she spent years creating hours of experimental music and sound scapes with her brother and other local musicians in her hometown of New York.

During her late teens she learned that being a gigging bassist was not only good fun, but for her it had become a passion. For several years Morse was an active bassist in the NY music scene playing in both cover and original projects around the metro area. Whether it be in small local haunts, or in some of the legendary clubs around the city, she found sheer delight being on stage, but also discovered the reward of crafting original music, whether it was collaborating with other musicians or on her own.

In her twenties, Morse spent several years in radio which led to nearly five years of work as an independent voice-over talent and jingle writer/producer/player. This period resulted in several Addy Awards and was the spring board for her interests yet to come, perhaps most notably a series of ambitious projects that were products of the marriage of her love of technology and live performance. Among these projects was a podcast that Morse co-produced, which was awarded ‘Best-Of’ during its three-year run.

Since 2015 Andrea has worked out of her own facility, a cozy and well- equipped digital studio (Studio A) designed by well-respected audio consultant and engineer, Michael Cirile. Studio A allows her to focus her work with original artists as producer, engineer and player.

Additionally, Andrea continues to perform with several live acts around the St. Louis region. These various projects permit her the opportunity to showcase a broad range of writing and performance styles as well as the opportunity to play many different genres of music.

This brings us to the current day and Freda Riff Music.

Freda Riff Music is born out of decades of experience as a performer, composer and engineer. The primary voice of Freda Riff is Forever Dreams, which focuses on crafting a broad spectrum of sonic sound-scapes ranging from quiet piano-based melodies to raucous guitar centered anthems. Yet Morse’s passion for bass is evident in the deep attention she pays to melody and rhythmic interplay with a variety of percussive elements.

As if that wasn’t enough, Morse teamed with Pamela Camp to create the unique sound that is Sisters Magnolia. The Sisters’ is an original act that brings a bit of southern, country and rock influences together to generate an infectious sound.

Lastly, Morse is also a member of the National Blues Museums’ ‘Sittin on the Porch’ house band.

With an impressive and powerful vocal range, Pam Camp shines whether in the studio, a small intimate venue, or on a festival stage entertaining thousands. Originally from western Arkansas, Pam is a diverse talent with a solid background in all genres including gospel, southern and classic rock, country, and blues.

Pam attended college on a music/theatre scholarship where she was active in musical theatre. Her first band, The Pam Camp Band, was formed in 1989 featuring a classic rock sound. From there, she went on to front a number of other bands. She also worked as a studio demo artist for Star Traks, a nationally known soundtracks company.

She was a contestant on the Nashville Network’s “The Charlie Daniels Talent Round-Up,” where, after 13 weeks of competition against thousands of entrants from both the US and Canada, she was awarded the Grand Prize of $25,000 being named Best Female Vocalist. The next year, Pam was a featured performer along with Carrie Underwood in the “Country Music Round-Up” at the King Opera House in Van Buren, AR.

In 2006, Pam was honored to open for legendary country band Lonestar, performing before a crowd of well over 7,000. Also notable in 2006, The Pam Camp Band was inducted into the Old Town Musician’s Hall of Fame. Eleven years later, in 2017, Pam was inducted as a solo artist. A great honor indeed.

Pam’s philosophy is, “Music is a gift, not a competition. It’s something to be received, sharpened, and shared with others.” Proving herself to be true to her word, it was in 2003 that, in memory of her mother, Pam founded the “Females Rock the Fort” benefit concert promoting local and regional female artists while raising awareness of cancer prevention. To date the event has raised over $50,000 for various charitable organizations.

In the fall of 2013, Pam left Arkansas to move to St. Louis. She was soon hired as a vocalist by Smash Band, a well-known Missouri-based band led by Asher Benrubi, former host of MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball” and former DJ with KSHE radio. In 2015 Pam had the honor of singing as a “Kingdom Sister” on the Kingdom Brothers CD, “Times Hard”. Kingdom Brothers were selected to represent the St. Louis Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, appearing in the semi-finals.

Pam is a current member of “Songs of Africa Ensemble”, a multicultural group sponsored by the Missouri Arts Council, promoting new genres of choral music from Africa. She also performs in an acoustic duo with Jeff Walschauser.

In April of 2018 Pam met multi-instrumentalist, producer/engineer, Andrea Morse and the two powerful performers formed “Sisters Magnolia”. The following year would be spent in the studio crafting their soon to be released CD “Coming of Age”. Sisters Magnolia recently signed with STLBluesTalent and are proud to be among such an amazing roster of talent.

Connor Lynch was born in 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri. His family moved when he was four years old to Wenatchee, Washington, where he spent the rest of his childhood.

He moved to Seattle for college and then lived in Los Angeles while in graduate school. His first job after school brought him back to St. Louis.

He began teaching himself guitar in 2015, at 24 years old, wanting to learn songs from classic rock groups such as The Who. A year into playing he discovered blues guitar and became immersed in the blues, learning from the greats.

His biggest inspiration and influence is British musician Peter Green. He met the Sisters and future Weeds through the Thursday-night jam sessions at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis.

Pete Laucis, keyboard player since the 70’s. Influenced by Ray Manzarek, Jimmy Smith, Brian Auger, Rick Wakeman, Emerson Lake, Booker T, and more.

With early piano lessons, it wasn’t until a high school rock garage band that developed Pete’s music ear. Expanding with different bands in the St. Louis Metro-East area, Pete played venues like Collinsville Park, Benld Coliseum, The Granary, and more. Pete Hit the “big time” playing with Bob Kuban for a few years, then went on the road with a 3-piece band, – 1) drums, 2) Lead/rhythm guitar, and 3) keys w/ bass keys – thank you Ray Manzarek! After a 2-year run, Pete came back from the road, completed his business degrees and “went to work/work” – while keeping up with keyboarding through reunion gigs.

Being a Hammond B3 guy, fast forward to 2009 when Pete volunteered for a weekly “church gig” playing instrumental-only, melodic hymns on a Yamaha acoustic grand piano!

Still playing today, the weekly gig developed a reflective, folk/new-age piano style likened to a convoluted blend of – George Winston, Moody Blues, Doors and Floyd Cramer.

In 2017 Pete discovered the St. Louis National Blues Museum Jam band! Pete’s been the regular NBM “Sittin’ On The Porch” keys where he continues to play today. With a Roland piano and Hammond SK1 set up, the weekly jams have been a rewarding journey for a new appreciation for the blues, and a chance to develop new blues phrasing on top of an already “diverse” musical style. The power of the NBM jam band is the opportunity to play & connect with St. Louis’ finest musicians and that’s where Pete met Andrea, Pam and is an active member of Sisters Magnolia and the Weeds.

Steve Eschbacher was born in St. Louis in 1962. He has been playing drums since his toddler days, but formal drum lessons started at age ten.

Early influences covered various music genres including pop, classic rock, funk & blues. Wedding reception/cover bands, drum instructor – music has always been part of his life.

Playing with various St. Louis bands & jam sessions led him to the National Blues Museum, and his band mates: Sisters Magnolia & The Weeds.​


"I’ve listened to a couple of “Sister Magnolia” tunes...and I want to hear more. It’s music of the modern day with an historic “Americana” root of influence. In the 70’s we called this kind of music “tasty.” Every line is a graphic to the listener’s mentality…not only can you sing along, you can “see along.” That’s big relatability for the listener. That’s a touch of musical art and science that’s hard to birth and then hold on to in a song".

- Asher Benrubi / the Smash​

New CD - Coming of Age


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