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Why YouTube is the dominant player in today’s music industry

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YouTube is the #1 music streaming platform in the world. It’s the #2 search engine in the world. It’s slowly replacing radio, MTV, and many other platforms for music discovery. It’s become a serious revenue source for musicians too (some CD Baby artists have earned more than 40k from YouTube ad revenue). And that’s why YouTube is more important than anything else in your music career — besides the actual music, of course.

But these days it takes more than just a couple music videos to establish a YouTube presence.
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How to Made a Music Video Step by Step (full article is here)

1. Choose Your Song
Having a music video can help promote your band, through video sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

2. Get a Team and Equipment Together
However complicated (or simple) your shoot is, you’ll need a team of people.

3. Plan Your Shoot
The more planning you can do before hand the quicker you’ll be able to shoot.

4. Filming
On the day of the shoot be prepared and organized. Keep a record of shots you’ve made; it’ll make editing much easier.

5. Capture Live Footage
Filming the band playing live can provide you with great footage for a video.

6. Use Stock Footage
You can spice up your video by adding stock footage, but you need to be aware that, like music, almost all video footage is subject to strict copyright law.

7. Editing
Your footage might be great, but it’ll only become a great video through editing.

8. Get the Right Software and Hardware
These days cheap, or even free software can do a professional job of editing.

9. Be Creative
How many videos have you seen on MTV that consist of the band playing in a club, with the lights flashing whilst the audience jump up and down?

10. Tips for Making a Good Music Video –
Beware of Using Excessive Zoom
It may look cool while you’re shooting it, but in the final edit zooming often looks clichéd, and unless done with a very steady hand can often look amateurish.

Don’t Be Over Ambitious

A simple idea well executed is often more effective than a complex idea done badly.

And Ignore All I’ve Said

The most interesting videos are made when the rules of convention are bent, buckled and broken, so keep experimenting and above all else, make something interesting.

Many thanks to video director Arthur T. Flegenheimer (stage name) for his expertise!


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